The 'Ideas' phase

This may be all that your garden, or site, needs. This is a permaculture assessment and the suggestion of suitable low maintenance plantings and good time/energy saving tips. A consultation includes:

  • Initial intro discussion, or email, to understand your needs, preferences, and budget.
  • 60 min visit and site analysis to assess your existing plantings, soil condition, slope, and microclimates.
  • General recommendations of site suitable plantings, and their optimal positions.
  • Suggestions of low-maintenance options (reduce or replace lawn areas, suitable selection for hedge/screen plantings to reduce excessive pruning)
  • Soil improvements and water saving tips.
  • Follow up email with basic points discussed
Consultation Fee: $120

Please make payment upon booking, or on the day of site visit.

Please appreciate the time taken to give skilled and individual advice.  If you are unable to afford this fee an alternate exchange can be negotiated.


Development of initial Consultation ‘ideas’ into a working plan

A Concept Plan can be used to guide to works, especially if minimal hard construction is involved. Good for paths, edging, raised garden beds, soil improvements and new planting areas. The Concept plan includes:

  • The initial Consultation extended to 90-120 min visit, taking site measurements for a simple scaled plan drawing (birds eye view).
  • Marking on the plan existing structures, vegetation, micro climates, and the future needs/desires for the site.
  • Suggested locations for any decking, water tanks, paths, seating, recycle/compost areas and garden beds, these locations are chosen for mutual interactive benefits.
  • Recommendations of materials to be used, and plant species,
  • Copy of 2d plan with photographic examples of suggestions provided.
Consultation + Concept Plan Fee: $450 (Larger properties may require additional time)

At this stage an estimate can be made, for materials and labour costs.  A fixed quote will depend on the confirmation of all plants and materials.  For this level of detail, a Design Plan is required (below).

Please note:
Unlike other Trades (ie painting) it is very difficult to give a 'quote' when seeing your garden for the first time.  If you have a fixed budget and you know exactly what you want, I can design the work and plant selection to meet this.  Otherwise a Design Plan is necessary, where all works, materials and plants will be itemised and costed.


The Design Plan develops the Concepts above to a detailed scaled plan.

This plan has the specific placement of all elements of the design, including plant species, quantity and size.  Depending on your time frame and budget, elements including hard construction, can be implemented in later stages but with confidence in the unity of the overall design.
This Design plan includes:

  • The consultation and concept plan, as above.
  • A review by you of the concept plan. Any modifications are now made with the scope of works confirmed.
  • Final selection of all construction materials and plant selections are made.
  • Exact locations* and dimensions of construction and planting areas are presented, on a hand (or computer) drawn 2-d plan, with a minimum of 2 side-view elevation drawings.
  • Photographic examples of materials, structures, and plant selections are presented.
  • A fixed quote is calculated, including the cost of all materials, plants, and the time it will take to carry out the works.

Please note:
*If detailed construction or engineer drawings (for structures or earthworks) are required this will be additional cost and depend on the level of detail required. These designs can be sourced from the relevant trades person or engineer and we can assist with this, where necessary.  Likewise irrigation and/or lighting designs may require additional time, please discuss this at the Consultation/Concept stage.

Consultation +Concept Plan+ Design Plan Fee: $1000



We work with excellence and integrity so you have confidence in the longevity and success of your garden

If unable to carry out all elements of the design we recommend specialist, quality tradespeople.  We preference high quality, sustainably sourced (or recycled) materials.

Fee/Payment Terms:

Projects are undertaken on acceptance of a fixed quote for the entire project, all materials paid for in advance.
Labour costs are to be made in 2 installments - half at a project's midpoint, the final half at completion

Or If the project is undertaken in stages all materials must be paid for in advance at an agreed hourly labour rate. If this is the case payments are to be made periodically, on receipt of invoices. Specialist tradespeople are to be paid on the completion of works, all materials to be paid for in advance.


We provide care to your garden including:
  • Pruning, mulching, and feeding your soil, and plants.
  • Selection of appropriate plant species for your site.
  • Minimising waste in the garden - setting up and monitor organic recycle systems (inluding paper/card/ food waste) for compost, worm farms and mulch.
  • Can manage a beehive on your site
  • Reduce water usage
  • Education – we share the skills so you can correctly prune and maintain your own garden.

Half day, 4 hrs $220
Full day 8 hrs $400